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Kerala- the land of “Kera”or coconut trees..


Kerala is many native state. Its the southern most state of India, lying long into the Indian Ocean. Its long coastal line with the Arabian sea, had made it an inevitable destination for travellers, merchants and colonialists over the centuries.

But, what make it picturesque is it long range of mountains, ” The Western Ghats” along its eastern boundary. Its hills and valleys with the exotic forestations and natural reserves have always remain elusive to nature lovers.

It is home a wide range of exotic animals, plants and tribal groups.

As tourism flourishes, the catchy name of “God’s own country” flashes around. But it is only place in the world where you find a unique canopy of tall palm like tree heads of coconut trees form a sweat coat to an entire place.


images-3                 images-1

Its a state of high literacy, high health and socioeconomic indicators, and people fastly moving away from agriculture and farming to an IT and ministerial state!


Its a tropical place.. You can see hills and valleys; lakes and oceans; beaches and sand; temples and rocks; backwaters and lagoons; tea gardens and spice valleys, forest and its inhabitants,                                                                                                                                                         but never a winter or a desert!

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