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Had we lived poor wishing to die wealthy?; and are we going to live rich and not bother dying poor !

The big question is:

Should we work and enslave ourselves and store everything to the family pot , for a better tomorrow?

Or should we realize that life needs to have the fullest qualities before we live our lives out, simply because

Indians have a unique feature in their life style which distinguishes from most other people of the world. Maybe, a few other asians too have traces of that feature, though we know,  the poor walk miles to earn food and the rich walk miles to digest food.

I am telling you of a feature that runs beyond the margins of religion, caste, creed, social position, economic status, whether its a coolie or a high flying business  man..
Please don’t think i am blabbering,… its about the way we save our earnings. Whatever is the number you count, at the end of the day or month, a definite percentage of the income  goes the savings.. and this percentage often remains high.  Low socioeconomic status will have most of what they have left behind, in their savings. But the only drawback is that they tend to be spent for recurring expenses. I am not speaking about the earned money wasted on liquor shops or on gambling.. But a fact is a child’s future earnings are closely correlated to their parents earnings. Poor families either have to make do with some meagre or dangerous housing, depend on the hospitality of relatives or go homeless.

Women is the cornerstone of wealth maintenance/creation through families. They work either with the household work or engage in various jobs including cottage industries, small scale industrial work, and also manual labour. Whatever they earn goes to family money pot, and they save however much that is possible.

In communities which doesnt allow the women to work, the families do.suffer the consequences of economic insecurity. In one way to say, the concept of males being the sole bread winner for the family seems more older and trivial.

So in short, the families in India though are poor, may in fact be wealthier than we imagine..
Seems absurd??!!

What I meant is they wont have money left to spend;;no money for leisure; no money for clothes or improving their shelter; but in the core wealth of the family they will have as their immovable property a herd of cattle or half a cent of farmland; a small hut with its surroundings; a small heritage from the family property.

But however small or big they are, they exist.. and that is a core fact of the family lineage in the country.
And that is part and parcel of the strong family and cultural values the society keeps through the decay or depreciations over the decades.

This is in contrast to the newer generation of the middle and upper class; the so called gen Y who are showing a shift in their priorities.

With more IT related jobs which give more of financial freedom, and with more opportunities to mingle with the open and freer world, the new generation families have shifted their priorities to a wider range of ways of living that storing their wealth in some rustic boxes for the pleasure of the future generations.

The present generation has more options to live life to a fuller, spend a consider income on travel and vacation, and leisure to get out of the drab ways of their parents.

The new generation may not ever be rich land owners, but we(if I think I am part the new generation!) can sure eat better than them.

We can wear better cozier clothes;  and can get to the other side of the world in less than 24 hours.

But, they do find only lesser time for their parents. The collapse of that value based system of parent and children giving and taking is slowly becoming apparent.

The newies believe in entertainment. They have  access to more films, music, documentaries, stories, art, photography, talks and more than we’d ever be able to consume in our lifetime.

When we may not be able to own a house at the existing prices, why should we hang on with it! Instead, we have the power to travel anywhere, eat, live and merry. So go after it!!

Is there an idiom which goes “It is better to live rich than to die rich.” Why waste your life on counting what you own? When you know you can’t take it with you.



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