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Aquarium fish

Life is bland flour if you forget to add the ingredients that make it palatable; whether it sweet or salt or colour or spices. Ideas to tone up life tends us towards hobbies and habits. Hobbies are the skilled way of our mind to evoke or revoke habits. Of these hobbies is an impeccable one .. thats keeping pet fish. A small tank , and colourful or colourless fish evokes in you, a glimpse of the many flickers of motion that life is..

Well, of course this occupies a space, both physically as well as in your mind. And that makes up the sole purpose of a hobby- to drive out of morbid states of our minds and cheer ourselves up for a better today!

As soon as we set up a tank, or a bowl and fix the space for the aquarium, get ready to meet the different variety of fish whom you are gonna befriend!

First of all, A 20-55 gallon “community” aquarium will provide you enough space for a variety of fishes. You can keep a  oxygenator cum filter, and buy pebbles of colours of your choice to lay the bottom. Small artificial or natural water plants also improves the look and quality of the water. The plants must not block the passage of certain fish to the water surface,  especially those that need to breathe at the surface to avoid suffocation. The available physical space of the tank includes all surfaces in the aquarium such as the inner facing sides and the surface of rocks and gravel layers and any objects such as filter or pieces of wood.

Fish are animals and generate waste as they metabolize food.  Nitrogen waste products become harmful to fish and other aquarium inhabitants above a certain level. A well-balanced tank contains organisms that detoxify the waste products of other inhabitants.

Be sure to check the water temperature in your tank every day.

Also note that Smaller fish consume more oxygen than larger fish when considered as per gm of body weight requirements.

A word about filtration:

There are three different kinds of aquarium filtration: mechanical, biological and chemical. The most important of these is biological filtration.

Some more small tips for caring your fish :

Never overfeed. Remove uneaten food.

Do not remove more than 10% of water at a time of water change.

Add aquarium salt at each change of water.

Now, lets think of our guests!e

The common pet fish are 1. Platy,

2. Guppy.

3. Zebra fish(Zebra Danios). Danios are active and small, living in groups

4. Molly- Note that The black molly is a peaceful fish.

5 . Tetras(Neon tetras)

6. Swordtail- they are  closely related to the platy

These are all small fish. They are very active and seem to dazzle their way through the water.

But, they have a nipping habit, so they can nip the delicate fins of bigger fish, especially

gold fish.

7. Gold fish-  these are the favourite ones in any aquarium. They are easy to maintain as well.Gold fish come in many varieties of sizes and colors.  People love the fancier varieties with bubbly or capped heads and fanned tails.Gold fish tend to be messy eaters. So, make  sure that you  change around 10% of the water each three days .

8. White Cloud Mountain Minnow – is another small fish.

They are a hardy fish that tends to live in the middle and top areas of the aquarium. They prefer  living in groups.

9. Kuhli Loach is an eel-like fish are also hardy fish.They help keep the tank clean by eating the food settlind down in the tank

I shall list here a few freshwater tropical fish which hardy and well-suited for the beginners.

Killifish, Gouramis, Catfish, Discus, Bettas, African Cichlids, hatchetfish, Silver dollar, pencil fish,

Eureka red peacock, Electric yellow cichlid, Frontosa cichlid, Flameback, Angelfish, Cherry barb,

Rosy barb, Tiger barb, Malabar danio, Bala shark, Black shark, Rainbow darter, Pearl gourami,

Dalmatian molly, Black molly, Western mosquitofish, Green swordtail, Bengal loach,

Electric eel- this is not an “eel”

About Life span of these fish

Killifish generally only live a year or two. They have the shortest life span among these.

Mollies, Platys and Swordtails, generally live less than 5 years. These are also live bearing fish- means, they give birth to live babies or fries, instead of laying eggs.

Goldfish live long. Gouramis, Silver Dollar and Pacus also live 10 years or more.

About some fish behaviur:

African cichlids- 

These active fish can be territorial and aggressive.  You need to make sure that your tank has plenty of space and decorations, so that each African cichlid can find a spot to really call its own.


 Goldfish are peaceful, easygoing and hardy; they can live up to 20 years. They require lots of space, are messy eaters, and produce lots of waste. They do not have a cavity to hold food in their food.

Some tips that tell you if your fish is sick:

Tattered fins, tail, skin sores, swollen abdomen, bulging eyes, red fins, spots on top of head or back, rapid gill movements and rising to surface to gulp air frequently.

You can prevent these by keeping the filter running, testing water quality frequently; changing water regularly and aerating and filtering properly.